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BY Angie Silberhorn, CMP


How to Network in the Modern Age

Networking has changed a lot over the decades. With the integration of multiple social media platforms, there has been a lot more opportunities created. However, with those opportunities, comes the question of how to achieve the right balance of online and personal connections? Networking is an essential skill needed for growth within any industry. After all, "It's not what you know, but who you know.” Here are a few tips on how to turn strangers into helpful professional contacts. Happy Networking!

How to Host a Hole-In-One Event

Texas lends itself well to year-round outdoor events. Other than the dead heat of summer, there are very few times of the year when a successful golf scramble can’t be pulled off. Enter the experts of Texas golf: club directors and tournament directors from across the state who put together some of the largest golfing events each year. Texas is great for golf, which is probably why it’s arguably home to more pro golfers than any other state.

Intern 101: Tips for Picking the Best in Class this Summer

School's out for summer—and that means it’s prime time for interns. While planners can greatly benefit from the abundance of free help practically begging for a shot, it’s also the most competitive time of the year for internships. That means you’ll soon be inundated with a number of emails that you’ll have to sort through and then make tough decisions in choosing the right candidate. Before you get overwhelmed, Milk Studios Events Director Marcia L.

Four Tips to Help Reuse Your Booth

Attending a trade show is an exciting and important investment for an organization. Especially if you have a booth year after year - themes change, logos change and locations change. That’s why it’s important to find new approaches to booth design and fabrication that can help save time and money. We work closely with companies and event representatives to create booths that can be used for years to come without losing any spark. Here are four easy ways you can keep your booth fresh, without breaking the bank:

Grasp Strong Communication Skills

Communication—be it face-to-face, over the phone, via email or any other version—is and always will be a crucial skillset both in your career and your personal life. Thus, understanding the ways in which to communicate best is crucial. Below, find four signs that prove you need to improve upon the vital skill of communication.

Be Inspired To Start Your Own Planning Business by 3 Successful Self-Starters

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