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It’s okay if you don’t have a tent and stage lighting in your collection of event materials—that’s where firms like Classic Event & Tent Rentals come to the rescue.

We connected with Senior Sales Consultant Stephen Salvatori for some key terms you should know.

block & roll system – concrete weight ballast system to safely secure tents when staking is unavailable.

classroom table – denotes a table width of 18 inches or 24 inches.

clear top – clear vinyl used on tents to allow for outside viewing.

guest experience – interaction between an organization and a guest where senses are stimulated and memorable moments achieved.

HVAC – encompasses heating, ventilation and air conditioning to provide climate control within a temporary structure.

J.U.L.I.E – free service for locating and marking of underground utility facilities.

LED – lighting technology that allows for minimal power usage and endless concepts.

patching – process of repairing holes in asphalt after securing tents.

poly linen – type of fabric that commonly consists of 65 percent cotton and 35 percent polyester fibers. 

raw space – unfinished room in a venue that allows for endless possibilities for design. 

riedel – high-end crystal glassware for rental. 

shantung – type of silk fabric historically from the province of Shandong. 

staking – the process of driving a metal stake into the ground to secure a tent or canopy.

temporary structure – a tent structure that doesn’t have a permanent foundation. 

transit cabinet – aluminum cabinet that holds sheet pans and food pans for catering transit.

truss – an aluminum structure used to hang and support lighting. 

vignette – small grouping of lounge furniture in an event space for effect.

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