• Lillstreet Ignite Partners with Bloom Yoga Studio for Group Workshops

    POSTED April 17, 2014

Lillstreet Ignite, a community of artists and students, announced its partnership with Bloom Yoga Studio for "Conscious Creativity," a workshop that combines basic mindfulness techniques and guided relaxation with a creative activity for groups. The workshop is designed to customize to the needs of each participating team.

Kelly Maiorca, founder and director of Bloom Yoga Studio, recognized that mindfulness and relaxation practices have become necessary tools for prospering in the business world, and Lillstreet Ignite aims to explore the goals of business professionals.

With these principals combined, the workshop aims to teach group participants enhanced self-awareness and mindfulness techniques, introduction to basic yoga movements, and a personalized vision board on stretched canvas.

The workshop is three hours long and is designed for teams of 10-25 people. No experience in yoga, mindfulness or relaxation techniques is necessary. Teams will leave the experience with a personalized vision board, tips for creating mindful moments throughout the workday, an introduction to basic yoga movements, enhanced self awareness and a greater connection among group memebers. 

In early March, Meeting Professionals International released a statement regarding the invasion of Ukraine: 

“In a show of support for the people of Ukraine, MPI will immediately suspend business with all companies in Russia. In addition, any plans to formalize a chapter in Russia will be paused….We remain concerned for the well-being of our community and our MPI members in Russia and Ukraine who were already seeking to climb out of the shadow of this pandemic and are now experiencing these unprecedented challenges.”


 Meeting Professionals International (MPI), published its 2022 Winter Meetings Outlook, a quarterly report that identifies new trends and innovations. 

Among its findings: 


On September 1, over 1,500 businesses across the country illuminated their buildings with red lights to draw attention to the devastation that the live events and performance art industries have faced as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.