• Bizzabo Launches Next-Gen Suite of On-Site Event Software Solutions

    POSTED October 28, 2019

Bizzabo’s newest on-site suite of event software solutions is a custom-tailored way for event marketers to strengthen first impressions during the check-in process for attendees.

Bizzabo Vice President of Marketing Alon Waks says this new technology stems from  Bizzabo’s  understanding of how first impressions affect the success of an event. “We created our new holistic suite of checkin solutions to establish a touchstone for the process and to answer the demand for a more personalized, streamlined and resilient checkin operation.” 

Bizzabo’s  newest systems are designed to empower event marketers with options such as choosing the right check-in flow for events and integrating everything with  Bizzabo’s  secure online cloud, which functions through network outages.

Since Bizzabo’s technology can be customized to fit any planner’s needs, Waks wants event organizers to know that with this technology, they will be able to “execute a rewarding and less stressful check-in process, improving the overall experience for both the attendees and organizers.”

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