• Hit the Road to These 3 Destinations with FastToll

    POSTED November 14, 2016

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There’s a new app that lets you travel all of Illinois’ byways without worrying about scrounging around in your console for loose change to pay the tolls. Instead, FastToll is a new platform that allows you to seamlessly traverse through the convenient I-Pass lanes and then tallies up all your pass-throughs so you can pay online up to a week later for a nominal fee. In celebration of the launch of the app, we look at three different communities across the state that are taking our attention—and naturally, tell you how to get there.

Casey, Ill.

This small town just outside Effingham will be in the 2017 Guinness Book of World Records for its oversized attractions including the World’s Largest wind chime, knitting needles, mailbox, rocking chair, and more. They’re in the works of local Jim Bolin whose family has created the larger than life scenery that has drawn people from all over the country.

To get there: IL Route 57

Rosemont, Ill.

The northwest region abutting O’Hare Airport is wrapping up its 60th anniversary in 2016 by looking to the future. City officials recently announced a new professional baseball stadium and the first-ever boutique hotel, “The Rose” opening in 2018. But you can always go now for the MB Financial Park shopping, entertainment and dining.

To get there: IL Route 90

Lake Forest, Ill.

As if the sprawling Lake Forest College campus and Tudor-style downtown district weren’t enough appeal, the Deer Path Inn has just reopened in this North Shore community. The 57-room venue underwent major renovations to the guest rooms, amenities, technology, and various meeting and banquet spaces.

Note: FastToll is an independent app and is not affiliated with the Illinois Tollways.

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