• Planner's Pocket Dictionary: Rigging

    FROM THE Fall 2018 ISSUE

    "Safety First!" - A Favorite Line Used by Event Planners, Especially When It Comes to Rigging. 

We connected with Mark Witteveen, senior project manager at The Chicago Flyhouse Inc. rigging company to sling key terms you should know when it comes to event design take-off. 

Allowable Load » Also referred to as weight rating; the basic equation used by riggers to determine the maximum operating weight that can be supported

Box Truss » Structure composed of four or more chords connected by transverse and/or diagonal structural elements used in event design for hanging lights, audio equipment and more

Breaking Strength » The tension at which a line will part when a load is applied

Bridle » V-shaped arrangement of rigging equipment that enables a load to be placed in between two rigging points at the “legs” of the bridle for customizable position

Chain » Weight-verified, welded, link steel hoisted with chain motors to raise truss, on which luminaires or audio speakers may be clamped

ETCP » Entertainment Technician Certification Program Rigger; certified technician who adjusts, assembles and specializes in event or stage production

Fly » To lift equipment into the air with a rigging system

Hoisting Cable » Strong and flexible wire used in fly systems; classifies as a 6X19 (six larger strands of 19 wires each)

I-Beams » Structural steel beams in a venue where points are designed and installed to support rigging

Reflected Groundplan » Also known as ceiling plan; a drawing of the venue’s ceiling that indicates where rigging points are located

Safety Factor of a Line » Ratio between Breaking Strength and Safe Working Load (SWL)

Safe Working Load » Load that can be applied without causing any kind of damage to a line Trim » Distance from the floor to various rigging elements including venue (ceiling), truss and lighting fixtures

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