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Oxford Capital Group, LLC and Quadrum Global Announced Acquisition of Chicago’s Essex Inn

Chicago’s historic Essex Hotel was recently acquired by Oxford Capital Group, LLC and Quadrum Global. This marks the 11th hotel investment in the Chicago area by Oxford and the second by Quadrum. Within the next year they plan to re-position Essex Hotel as an upscale lifestyle hotel.

Meet Audrey Lakin, Executive Productions, LTD.

Audrey Lakin is a city girl, so she never thought she’d have to learn what a soybean was—until she became a marketing planner for the Chicago Board of Trade early in her career. From visiting farmers in the flatlands one day to schmoozing with executives in New York the next, Lakin became quite comfortable with entertaining vastly different crowds—so comfortable she took matters into her own hands by opening corporate planning firm Executive Productions, Ltd., which has a strong tie to the real estate community.

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