• Replay Lincoln Park Welcomes Halloween with "It" Themed Pop-Up

    POSTED October 11, 2019
  • Replay Lincoln Park Welcomes Halloween with "It" Themed Pop-Up

    POSTED October 11, 2019

Replay Lincoln Park is celebrating Halloween all month with an "It" themed pop-up now through Oct. 31. Featuring custom artwork and photo oppportunities designed by local artists, the "It" pop-up will transport guests to Derry, Maine where the scares of Stephen King's popular novel and movies will come to life.

Last Halloween, Replay Lincoln Park hosted a “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” pop-up. Replay invited aspiring slayers to dress up in their best Buffy attire for the ultimate Chicago Halloween Costume Party and more. This year will be similarly spooky, but perhaps with more clowns.

Guests will be able to visit notable Derry destinations including the run-down, abandoned house near the train yard at 29 Neibolt Street where “The Losers Club” frequent in hopes of confronting Pennywise, as well as an '80s-aesthetic area with Tube TVs and various knick-knacks. 

The pop-up will also have a funhouse complete with mirrors, a popcorn machine and will be home to several events including "It" trivia, a Derry Afternoon Day Party, various costume contests, karaoke and more. Those not afraid to stand by the sewer that Georgie gets dragged into can take a photo to see if they might finally be able to catch a glimpse of the dancing clown. Regardless of what destination individuals visit, hearts will be pumping as guests are invited to check out the scary, not scary, and very scary doors with surprises behind each, many red balloons and Pennywise scaring children everywhere in sight. 

Replay Lincoln Park will also offer an extensive specialty cocktail menu for the duration of the pop-up including "This is It," a black vodka, cherry juice soda with pearl dust garnish; "Winter Fire," made from Maestro Dobel Tequila and muddled blackberry smash topped with a flaming rosemary garnish; "The S.S. Georgie," a rye old fashioned with a Luxardo Cherry Sangue Morlacco float; "A Pennywise Punch," combining dark, light and spiced rum with passion fruit and fresh citrus juices; and a homemade pumpkin spice sparkling spiked seltzer. Also available are three shots: Scary, Not Scary and Very Scary.

Replay Lincoln Park has a variety of beverage packages that they offer to groups. Among these include the Call Package, priced at $15 per person per hour, which includes all cocktails and craft beer. The Premium Package, which is $20 per person per hour, includes all cocktails, craft beer and select classic cocktails. The Top-Shelf Package, $25 per person per hour, includes all signature and classic cocktails and craft beer.

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