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Renovated & Recognizable Properties in Illinois Give Groups a Taste of the Sweet Life

More Than a Last Resort

Step Back in Time & Across the Border All at the Kimpton Gray Hotel

Chicago’s Kimpton Gray Hotel is the perfect downtown spot for groups to go when they want to escape. Want to travel back in time to when a martini with lunch was not just accepted, but encouraged and smoking lounges were commonplace? Want to cross the border and explore the culinary adventures of Latin America mixed with Asian influences?  Well, then your dreams have come true at the Kimpton Gray Hotel in Chicago’s Loop. Bonus?

3 New Venues Designed by Planners for Planners

A new trend is sweeping across the Chicago event industry, unifying the people that take part in producing live experiences with the places that host them. Established event production and catering companies have ventured into opening their own well-equipped spaces, designed for planners, by planners. We took a look at three trailblazers—Kehoe Designs, Paramount Events and The Revel Group—that are making events feel right at home.

The Geraghty from Kehoe Designs


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